◇Room equipment
TV, refrigerator, telephone, pot, air conditioner, unit bath, air cleaning device, lamp

Face towel, bath towel, Yukata(Japanese style pajamas) slippers, glass, cup, soap, toothbrush, shampoo, lazar, green tea

◇Rental goods
LAN connection device, hair dryer, iron, trouser press

Wake up call:please set the time with the telephone, or call the reception.
Delivery service:we accept at the reception.
Massage:please tell the reception until 23:30. Payment is to be made to the massager directly.
FAX, Copy:available at the reception
Baggage keep service:Tell at the reception.
Refrigerator:room refrigerator is empty and turned off. Turn it on when using.
LAN connection device, hair dryer, iron, trouser press, are available at the reception.

◇Facility information
<At the store on the 1st floor>cup noodles, sake, snack, comb, hair brush, hair set goods, socks, under wears etc.
<vending machine on the 1st floor>soft drink, beer
<conference room in underground>capacity:16 people(26㎡) with kitchen and bathroom
<restaurant in underground>Chinese restaurant “Fukika” Open 18:00-22:00 Closes on Saturday, Sunday and national holidays.